Thursday, June 01, 2006

One more thing

To all you other transwomen out there bitching about not being accepted into women only spaces I have this to say to you: TOUGH.
Especially because of some of the shit I've heard you pull. Oen story I heard of a transwomen pre-op who passed well showed her penis thingy in a womens bath and they freaked. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? All you did was make all of the rest of us look bad and make it harder for us to get where we want to be. Also, how can you show that thing to others? I would be frightened to damn it. I'd think I Was going to get raped.
If you are SOOOO female then you'd understand why we can't be everywhere women are allowed. Especially if you are pre-op or are a well known transwoman. honestly, just get the clip and I doubt anyone will notice. Don't make it an issue. People ask what I was like growing up I tell them I was andro and raised in a weird fashion. Its the truth. They don't need to know about my genetic defects. Do intersexed people who decided themselves, to fix things with surgery have to go around telling others they were intersexed? I think not. IF asked if I was trans I'd say yes and move on. Thats about it.
Stop freaking out about not being accept 100% as women. You won't be, I won't be. Live with it, move on. Maybe we would be accepted more if we didn't shut down womens events because they would not let us in. Often what happens in some corners of the world is that women make a women born women only space. Then trans women get uppity and file a lawsuit saying it is discriminatory. Then it gets canceled. You know that earns us NO friends. Make your own damn space in response that only trans women can go to. I won't be there, I won't be at either space. I will be off playing video games or Making out with some girl.


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